Juan Sánchez con sus dos hijos y un camión de la flota de TRansportes Sánchez


In 1979, Juan Sánchez Domínguez began working in the transport, building material and hoisting sector by setting up the company that now goes by the name of “Transportes Sánchez“.

Always striving to improve, grow and, above all, to give his customers the best service, apart from working in several construction-related sectors, he then made up his mind to move into the renewable energies and Industries sectors.

In June 2014 and with a 36 years’ experience behind him, he decides it was time to team up with his two sons, Juan Manuel Sánchez Suarez and Rubén Sánchez Suarez, who by then already had 10-plus years’ worth of experience in the industry. Together the three set up a company called “Transportes y Grúas Sánchez Canarias S.L.”, better known as “Transportes Sánchez”.At the heart of this new companies lies not only the father’s and sons’ experience, but also the enthusiasm, drive and professionalism of the kinds of firms that attach the same value and importance to all assignments, from the least significant to the most complex, and to all its customers. Working side by side with customers, understanding what they need and, above all, working with passion, helps us to keep building a good reputation in the transport sector. Whether it’s special transport, mainland freight, between the islands, or moving machinery …